What good turn deserves another

The First Lady Madam Zenab Soumah Jammeh has proven to be a thorn in president Jammeh’s flesh.

“You see what Allah does. The whole country, including soldiers with bazukas fear Jammeh who in turn fears his slim wife. He fears only his wife more than Allah,” our State House Revealer said.

“President Jammeh knows that his wife’s Suso people do more marabouts work than him. That’s why does not eat their foods when her relatives are present, fearing they will hypnotize him,” the Revealed added.

“During the start of Ramadan, the First Lady’s entire family move to State House and remain there until the last ten days when they depart for Umra (lesser pilgrimage) to Mecca. Their bills – airfare, hotel, food, etc. – are all paid by Gambian taxpayer. Because he is uncomfortable with their presence in State House, President Jammeh usually moves to Kanilai and stay there until after Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power). He is not comfortable when they are around. Tis wastage had been continuing until Zeinab’s mother, Madam Rhimou El Hassady Soumah passed away in December 2011.”

The Revealer added that except Zeinab’s radical brother and sister, Abubacarr and Mariam Soumah, every family member travels to Saudi Arabia for Umrah.

“Zeinab is a real thorn in President Jammeh’s skin. She sometimes lock herself and kids inside to prevent Jammeh from accessing them until her demands are met,” the Revealer said, promising to spill more beans. “I want Gambians to know that the man who denies them peace is not also enjoying peace of mind.”



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