ibrahimAnother sad news greeted Gambians in Germany where a young Sarahuleh brother, Ebrima Jawara, drowned. Jawara’s tragic death occurred after he went to swim with two other friends in a lake at a remote town. The three men – all new arrivals to Germany can’t – swim. They underestimated the depth of the lake. Sadly Ebrima Jawara lost his life in the lake.  The other two young men couldn’t save his life. Our condolences to the Jawara family and to the immediate family of late Ebrima Jawara. Some of Europe’s rivers and lakes are very deep. The three men are said to choose that remote lake because they fear due to their immigration status, swimming at a open river or lake be expose them to arrest. Rest in Peace Ebrima, a young life cut short.

The family of late Ebrima Jawara in Spain and other parts of the world have raised fund to repatriate his body. They will fly him to the Gambia for burial. The tragedy of young lives lost in West is increasing.

Our advise to young Gambian boys and men all over Europe is to restrain themselves and avoid exposing themselves to danger. It is becoming prevalent for young boys to change behaviours and attitude once they landed in Europe through Italy and Spain. Many are said to in prison and some on drugs due to lack of following national laws and acting properly. Europe is not an place to do what one likes. It is a country just like the Gambia. Whatever will make you fail in the Gambia, will equally make you fail in Europe.


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