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By Ousainou Mbenga

“You teach the youth that the pirate Jammeh is a great man”. The youths are awakening from the “dream life” of accountability, transparency and probity and find their future entangled in a nightmare of horror and terror. You don’t owe apologies to anybody, especially Jammeh.


Here is April 10 and 11 2000 all over again. Those who don’t have anything to offer you and the nation in general want you to “calm down” and continue to be Jammeh’s “blind patriots’. The choice is yours. Do you want to continue on the “road to hell” that Jammeh has paved for you, or do you want to chart a new path for a proud-future Gambia without military terror?


I truly want to believe that the Gambian youths have learned their lessons well after 21 years of empty promises. He transformed some of you into “blind patriotic” killers (Green Boys) to keep him in power with total disregard for social justice, “rule of law” and above all, our “national security”. Many of you have expressed your regrets for participating in his drag net of terror but you must redeem yourselves with utmost sincerity to the Gambian people.  Jammeh has no one’s interest but his greedy – selfish interest.


Here are the undeniable facts about the youth and Jammeh.  The vast majority of you who were 20 years old in 1994, in your prime of life, have never been gainfully employed in 21 years. Now you are 41 years old and most likely still unemployed, under employed or hustling (“taff – taff”) to survive. Jammeh and his erratic policies deliberately destroyed 21 years of your youth. He shut the “windows of opportunity” and opened the “back way” for you to seek “greener pastures” with tragic consequences along the Atlantic Ocean. Those of you that survive the horrors at sea, end up in concentration camps in Europe.


Equally but sadly enough, those of you who were born in 1994, the year military tragedy befell our beloved Gambia; you have no other period to make a relative comparison with the Jammeh regime. You only know the horror and terror of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), army and his other hoodlum torturers. You are now 21 years old and set to travel the same path as the previous youths,  20 years ago.


Some of you have been convinced to believe that “sharing crumbs” and bribes by other unscrupulous methods will secure you a promising future. A much brighter future; a proud –future Gambia is within your reach but in order to realize this future, you must abandon the AFPRC –APRC camp and build the revolutionary resistance movement from Kartong to Koina.


Finally, the signs of betrayal as it was on April 10 and 11 2000 are raising their ugly heads again. Cowards, opportunists and traitors alike want to maintain this dying but not yet dead filthy regime for their narrow selfish interest and sacrifice our long term national future for short term gains (crumbs) for one lone tyrant. This is the time of decision and we want to assure you of our unwavering support. Your demand to stop the illegal mining is LEGITIMATE, not only for Kartong but the surrounding towns. The demand is for our national interest to protect our environment from unscrupulous adventurists bent on EXPLOITATION. We demand the unconditional release and an end to the harassment of all the detained villagers of Kartong.







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