JammehBy Ousainou Mbenga

The APRC (Association of Pigs Rats and Cockroaches) and its chief terrorist, Jammeh are waging a desperate campaign to degrade the December 30, 2015 attempted coup as a “terrorist” attack against his monstrous regime.

In this era of “war against terrorism” by the U.S and its allies, Jammeh is expecting the treacherous campaign to gain traction and support within the “international community”. Because the mere utterance of “terrorism”, even though coming from a known terrorist against the Gambian “nation” will sound the alarm for attention.

Is it any wonder that the U.N Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon vehemently denounces the “attempted coup” and sends the most unscrupulous of envoys, Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas who equally absolves the Jammeh regime from his 20 years of terror. Chambas invokes the hypocritical “zero tolerance policy for unconstitutional accession to power…” but is willfully amnesic of how the regime he is cooperating with to investigate the “attempted coup” ascended to power. Chambas’ willfully ignorant statement reveals the deep seated dishonesty of these impotent “African intellectuals” that rally behind the “soldiers” after a coup as he did with the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) in Ghana.

A COUP IS NOT A REVOLUTION: But the slimy denunciations of the December 30 incident by “politicians” and the gang of deceitful “non-violent” advocates portraying Jammeh as the “saint” and the victim bedevils the reasonable mind. We persistently remind this gangster regime and its apologists how they came to power.

Jammeh’s bloody trail of terror since his “lift onto the saddles of power” is not oblivious to the U.N, human rights organizations and all the governments that turn a blind eye to Jammeh’s 20 years of atrocities against the Gambian people in particular and the threat he poses to the region in general.

On July 22, 1994 (this day of infamy in Gambian history) we didn’t hear any vigorous denunciation of the military overthrow of the “democratically elected” government of Sir Dawda Jawara from the U.N, “citadels of democracy”, neither the impotent African Union nor ECOWAS. In fact many jubilated that the Jawara regime overstayed its mandate.

To a few of us Gambians; for all intent and purposes, the USS La Moure County naval vessel  facilitated the success of the 1194 coup by voluntarily securing Sir Dawda’s safety out of harm’s way to Senegal and subsequently into exile for seven years.

What is it about Jammeh that the Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations, U.N, African Union and ECOWAS sympathizes with to have sanitized his 20 years of brutish ignorance? It is outright despicable to compare the December 30, 2015 alleged coup attempt to the trail of terror and horror of the Jammeh regime.


The mention of Joseph Mobotu, Sani Abacha, Afrifa, Idi Amin and many other African military bandits, strikes terror in the heart but the mention of Augusto Pinochet of Chile, South America, strikes horror and terror to all the human organs. Subsequent to the overthrow of the democratic elected government of Salvador Allende, Pinochet unleashed a trail of terror and horror on his people, the scars of which remain in hearts of mothers whose sons, daughters and husbands disappeared forever, murdered and rotted in the dungeons of Pinochet’s Chile.

Across the waters from Chile, a monster in the deranged person of Yaya Jammeh surpasses Pinochet in brutality and abject barbarism against the Gambian people. Like Pinochet, Jammeh continues to enjoy the “nods and winks” of the imperialists, particularly the U.S government and worst under the “first black president” of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama.

The savagery of burning Koro Ceesay in his car, burying his victims in wells, feeding them to crocodiles, other ghoulish sacrifices and the permanently disappeared makes Pinochet and Mobuto look like boy scouts. The most disturbing about all this savage behavior of Jammeh and his henchmen is the denial from his sycophantic apologists.

Colonialism in a black face is what Jammeh represents. Equally catastrophic, the neocolonial state represents the first line of resistance to African freedom, social justice and genuine peace. Jammeh like all other neocolonialist presidents are not qualified to represent Africa. A mass based REVOLUTION is the only solution!





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