I think the entire Gambia is now discovering, with great discomfort, the perverse nature of the Head of government that ruled over us for the last 22 uninterrupted years. No sane person will make any sense of what Jammeh had been doing with our country’s resources.

Even his ardent supporters, including his so-called Pan-African friends, must be aghast at what is being revealed before Surahata Janneh Commission about how Jammeh’s cronies and hirelings had been working in cahoot to defraud us.

How exactly do we describe what we are hearing from the early days of the Inquiry Commission into Jammeh’s style of government? Is it madness, greed, dishonesty, immaturity, or serious mental retardation? I am numbed and confused by the revelations of several accounts of millions of all sorts of currencies being moved helter-skelter from account to account and country to country.

I am hoping that as the commission progresses in its work, our learned contributors in accounting, economics and other related fields will help us delve further into the rationale of Yahya Jammeh’s operations. We need a better understanding of this financial madness.

I remember Mr Janko Camara sometime back started some very incisive analysis on Jammeh’s ways of managing our economy but he had to stop for fear of compromising some colleagues who may be currently serving Jammeh at the time. Definitely his analysis of the current revelations before the Commission would be highly welcomed.

Modou Kaba Fatty



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