jammehNow you supporters of Ousman Badjie what is your problem. This is not new. I have been imprisoning, torturing and maiming for many years. Badjie and his family and friends did not criticise me then. They know that I was blamed for killing Deyda Hydara and many others but they were ok with it. In fact Badjie just showered me with praises during the occasion of my 20 years rule when I made him Minister of Works. So what is the problem no? I just want to teach him a lesson so that he will know who is boss. He has said some “funny” things behind my back while he was my Ambassador to France. His family members and friends must also know that Badjie is no one without me. In fact all the ministers, directors and anyone serving my government are nobody without me. I am the boss Gambians.

I am so happy that a one time nobody who was not respected by the Mandinkas, the wolofs and the Fullas is now ruling you. And guess what?? You can’t do anything about it because you are cowards and selfish and I am going to use you one by one to do my bidding. I have reduced all my subjects to nonsense. Jolla Boy has done it and everyone is dancing to my tune. Even the Akus, and Banjulians who did not know how to farm are now weeding my fields-Huraaaaaah. I have long realised many years ago that most of you Gambians have no moral character and over the last 20 years, I have been able to enslave them. Whatever I do to them they accept. The Imams support me and even those that I regularly insult also support me. I lock up your fathers, uncles and brothers; I torture Gambians and even make some disappear and you still tell me that you love me Gambians. Even when I am accused of raping young girls, Isatou Njie Saidy, Fatou Faye, Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay and the other women folk congratulate me for being the champion and defender of women’s’ right. I am sorry to say but I don’t need a Gambian wife that is why I have decided to marry a half-cast Moroccan Zainab Zuma Jammeh. At least my wife has character and she challenges me and even threatens to leave me if I don’t give her enough money for shopping. I own the Gambia and no one can do anything about it. I don’t care about the online papers or you diasporan Gambians. I have even penetrated some of you -hahaha. Ask Sankareh of Gambia echo. Watch this space …… other online newspapers will soon directly or indirectly sing my praise.

A final warning to the so-called opposition parties and voters. Don’t waste your time, the 2016 elections belong to me. I will only leave power the day I die and my Malian marabouts are telling me that this is a long way away and Mohamed would have been old enough to take over.

Have a nice weekend my subjects and make sure you behave well; remember I am watching your every move.

Your Life President- Babilimansa

A close confidante getting into President Yahya Jammeh’s mind



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