bonesKairo News is trailing the horrific story of President Jammeh selling the dead bones, the dredge sand of Banjul cemetery. With all the pump and glamour of ‘waa Banjuls’, President Jammeh sells the sand that is extracted whilst the Banjul cemetery is safeguarded (protected) from the sea. We will bring you the figure of the total amount that President Jammeh collected after selling the Dredge sand from Banjul cemetery. The dead will be wailing, their corps have been violated, their silence disturbed, all for dollars.

Banjul, the capital of the Gambia is a small settlement with long connections with Europeans and western life style. In fact, Banjulians hardly place themselves in the same wavelength with other wider Gambians. Banjulians see themselves as enlighten, sophisticated, modern and educated. This notion of thinking is not unique to Banjul, it is a common pattern in many parts of Africa. City dwellers tend to over hype their high class breeding.

What Banjulians failed to do during the first Republic and the in the Second Republic is be assertive and be touch bearers in enhancing and entrenching democracy in the Gambia. They have always gone with the flow, with party in the power, well, since the demised of the UP, and the party of Garba Jahumpa.

Stay tune, we have got information that, the Banjul cemetery sand was sold to another African country, what happen to the money? Who pocketed it whilst the City dwellers knew nothing?


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