The Gambia’s power-intoxicated leader who had earlier conceded defeat and even congratulated his main challenger Adama Barrow said he does not any longer accepted the December 1st presidential election outcome.

In what tantamounts to a daydream Yahya Jammeh told the national television that it is conviction that the results are not accurate. Jammeh based his arguments on the fact that the Electoral Commission erred as evidenced in the revised results, which still puts Adama Barrow on the lead.

Mr. Jammeh called for fresh elections to be held. This contravene the Gambian constitution which requires election losers to file disputes at the Supreme Court. In that Yahya Jammeh should step down and file a case at the courts. No Gambian law calls for fresh elections in a contest that is free from irregularities. Jammeh is on the brink of stealing Adama Barrow’s mandate, which had the potential to slide the Gambia into pandemonium.

For fears of answering to his mountains of heinous crimes, Jammeh does not want to relinquish power.



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