Yahya Jammeh carrying the Quran whilst unable to read it.

The God-Fathers Or God-Mother who demonstrated the power of using the ‘Holier than thou religiousity and the symbolic significance of carrying the Quran’ to President Yahya Jammeh has undoubtedly committed a crime far worse than the very many others who lectured the dictator on how to manipulate and deceive Gambians. Who is he/she? Kairo News will not speculate but accusing fingers are being pointed at a single God-Mother and a couple of God-Fathers. We will not go into detail here until we put all the facts together. All we know is that Jammeh’s motivation to hold the Quran began during his early days in power when his religious affiliation was being questioned. Most people before July 1994 described the Lieutenant affectionately called Kanilai as an idol worshipper.

The African military is a product of the relics of the colonial institutions. Nowhere in Africa is the army, the police or their francophone equivalent the gendarmerie are in a way or form religious in disposition or practice.

The Gambian army is no different. In fact, the Gambian military is the home of secularism since it embodies men and women majority of who are not outright grounded in religious affairs. How then can the Gambian autocrat suddenly become the most visible and marauding Muslim preacher while occupying our nation’s highest office?

Who moulded Yahya Jammeh in carrying the Noble Quran, four prayer beads and the unexplained cane? Gambians desperately want to know the people who turned the former Junta Chairman into the biggest religious deceiver.

Those who advised Jammeh on this route have really transformed a religious illiterate, a mix animist-Muslim who is not grounded in religious theology or political science discipline to take advantage of our people’s open religiousity. The unforgivable sin is the creation and unmasking of a Chief Deceiver.

We want our readers to take ownership of issues like this. What will our political scientist, political activist and common intellectuals analyse the mask that is used to veil the sensibilities of our people in seeing through the fake masquerade going on for 21 years?

Those who made Jammeh walking around misquoting the Quran, swearing by the name of God, and subtle preaching to cover the pretence and falsehood have really done disservice to the Gambian people.




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