photosThe man who holds every Gambian hostage has been reduced to “a prisoner by default” in the United States capital Washington D.C. President Yahya Jammeh was the only African leader whose citizens embarrassed him with angry protests. The protesters became so noisy and adamant that dictator Jammeh chose to stay away from day one of the first US-Africa Summit organised by President Barack Obama.

He was unlike his Kenyan counterpart President Uhuru Kenyatta who could be seen moving freely out and about in the hotel Mr. Jammeh got holed up.

“This is a major victory for activists in the diaspora,” a senior Gambian activist told Kairo Radio.  Alkali Conteh described Yahya Jammeh as ” a prisoner by default. We have succeeded in caging Jammeh in his hotel; He could not even move to the reception,” Mr. Conteh said. “We have the right to enter the hotel inside out, which has been taking place. This is why he dares venture out.”

Activists have been thrilled with the diverse nature of anti-Jammeh representation in Washington, as energetic activists came from across the United States.

“It was a long day but was all worth it,” sounded Pata Saidykhan who flew from Nebraska to attend the protest. “The protest was a success and Jammeh‬ the coward was humiliated,” he said, explaining how some “retarded Gambian security officers” attempted to assault protesters. Nobody got hurt; we’re all good.

Activist Pa Samba Jow says Gambian leader deserves what he gets. “We are proud that the coward leader did not attend the first day of Washington Summit. It’s a victory to the oppressed Gambians,” he said. “We want to halt Yahya Jammeh’s excesses at all costs because if we don’t, he will rule the Gambia with iron fist forever.”

The wife of disappeared US-Gambian citizen, Ebou Jobe, appealed for the release of her husband. Mai Badjie said the family has credible information that Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Ceesay are still alive in the Gambia. “I want Yahya Jammeh to release my innocent husband and his friend. I want to ask Jammeh to tell me about the condition of my husband.”

Imam Baba Leigh, himself a victim of the Jammeh brutality, spoke in four local languages: Mandinka, Fula, Wolof and Jola. He is confident that President Jammeh will go and that people must not relent in their fight against tyranny.

“We block the entire area around White House. In fact, Jammeh is scared to come out; he told the secret service that we have weapons and eggs ready to harm him,” Fatou Jow Manneh said. “We are delighted to shame the man who belittle our people and persecute them.”

For Sigga Jagne, the anti-Jammeh dust must not settle down. She urged activists to stand up against the Jammeh orchestrated impunity.



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