Binta Camara handing APRC dirty money to Alkalos in Kombo

The Market For Buying Honour and Dignity

Kairo News is reliably informed that APRC WOMEN COUNCILLOR Binta Camara is leading a bribing delegation.

Chiefs and Alkalos have been handed hundreds of thousands of Dalasis to bribe people and buy votes ahead of the December 1 Gambian presidential elections.

Many Chiefs and Alkalos themselves confide that they are doing the rigging against their will. All they want is to safeguard their positions. Alas, what a pathetic sorry excuse. Many of these Chiefs lack honour and dignity. They are betraying their oath of Chieftaincy and Alakloship.

The Kombos have bear the worst brunt in the ruthless confiscation of land and the destruction of their natural habitat under the APRC regime. However, the anger level in the Kombo against such a barbaric regime is not exemplary. What will it take for Kombo natives to rise up and reject the APRC through traditional channels and conventional politics? Kombo sons and daughters have to do more in convincing their people to reject APRC for good. 

Kombo is the prime location where foreign voters are lodged, especially Kombo East. The region is so problematic Seyfolus (Chiefs and Alkalos) find it easy to buy votes. What will it take to ramp up the anger in Kombo to raise the passion of the region in completely rejecting president Jammeh.

KOMBO CENTRAL people watch out and talk to your family and friends…APRC WOMEN COUNCILLOR Binta Camara with a delegation went to Kembujeh with D250, 000 to bribe people. If you sell your dignity you are worth nothing.
Only Gambians who lack dignity and self-respect will sell their allegiance for money or abstain from voting against a killer.  Don’t insult yourself and your parents. Jammeh stood and openly insulted you. Let no money buy that offensive remarks. Don’t sell your votes or hand over your details.


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