Ansumana Jammeh

       Ansumana too is tasting Dictator Jammeh’s long whip!

Ansumana Jammeh Is Punished For His Protest Comments

Another close family member of President Yahya Jammeh has tasted the Dictator’s long whip. Ansumana Jammeh, the former Gambian Ambassador to Qatar, is languishing in remand. The half-brother to Gambian leader was arrested, detained and paraded in court along with two others. Ansumana and his co-accused persons, Sanna Bah and Assan Badjie were charged with “conspiracy and corruption.”

But Kairo News investigation uncovered that Jammeh is whipping his brother for a personal reason.

Police officers who handled Ansumana’s case were not happy with the way he was treated. They would not remain silent while an innocent man is getting the whip for no reason. They decided to spill the beans.

“Ansumana Jammeh has not committed any crime; we have been forced to concoct charges against him,” one police officer said. “It was a big struggle for us to slap charges on an innocent man. Ansumana had a personal beef with President Jammeh. His only crime – if there was any – was to call both the Inspector General, Yankuba Sonko, and Interior Minister, Ousman Sonko, advising them to leave the peaceful opposition protesters in peace.”

President Jammeh ordered Ansumana’s immediate arrest and detention as soon as he was informed about his brother’s advice.

Mr. Jammeh had earlier broke ranks with many of his close relations some of who were either sent to their early graves, jailed or forced to flee the country. His half-brother and sister, Haruna and Marcie Jammeh and uncle Gisaja Kujabi were reported murdered. His other uncles – Benedict Jammeh and Bun Sanneh – were jailed. Benedict, the former drug czar, fled for his life. Yahya Jammeh’s cousin brother, Pa Ousman Bojang, also voted with his feet for fear of being murdered.

Ansumana Jammeh, who pleaded innocent remains remanded, with the state buying more time. Chief Inspector Camara said the case was sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers. He applied for adjournment because the prosecution could not access their witnesses.

Defence Lawyer Lamin S. Camara argued the prosecution’s behaviour is hampering the speedy trial of his remanded clients. Even Magistrate Omar Cham of Banjul Magistrates’ Court agreed with the defence but the prosecutor insisted that a new development arose which required the file to be sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Lawyer Camara wanted his clients to be discharged until the prosecution is ready to proceed. “You cannot arrest, charge and remand someone and they don’t have access to their family, clothing and food and nobody goes to Mile 2 for holidays,” he argued, adding that it is a violation of the Prisons Act to deny remanded prisoners food, visits and clothing until the final determination of their cases.

Prosecutor Camara maintained that they only send people to the remand wing at Mile 2 but they cannot tell the prison authorities what to do with them.


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