Ousted President Pierre Nkurunziza/Google Image

President Pierre Nkurunziza/Google Image

By Janko Camara

It is not difficult to understand the logic behind Yahya Jammeh’s opposition to the idea of sending AU troops to Burundi. He is opposed to it not because of a non-interference policy in other countries’ internal affairs. No! He has a grand scheme. In opposing the idea, Yahya is laying the foundation for non-interference in The Gambia’s “internal affairs” when he begins to unleash his own terror machine, given that the tiny Western African country shall be heading to the polls in the last quarter of this year. This is what the Mandinkas call “FANG KOTO BAMBANGO”. Yahya has his own game-plan for the 2016 elections, part of which he unwittingly revealed to the public a few months ago when he publicly threatened to execute any Opposition member wanting the “cause trouble” in the country in the months and weeks leading to the polls. He is aware that his actions may draw international attention and, depending on the gravity of the situation, AU or ECOWAS might deem it necessary to intervene. So, in reality, he is pre-empting a repeat of history should this proposal to have the AU troops sent to Burundi succeed.

I think I can reasonably assume that The Gambia, under Yayha Jammeh, has no guiding Foreign Policy. The country’s Foreign Policy depends on the objectives and mood of the Maximum Ruler – Yahya Jammeh. This is because whilst he is now advocating for non-interference in the “internal affairs” of Burundi, he did not adopt same when Ivory Coast was going through their own “Internal” crisis. I remember Njogu Bah reading a formal Gambia Government “position” paper in a matter that, going by Jammeh’s twisted logic, was a purely “Internal matter” which concerns only Ivoirians. Momodou Sabally later made a similar pronouncement on national TV concerning another country’s “internal” affairs.

In view of all of the above, the lesson to learn here is this: Yahya is willing and ready to put into operation his terror machine to achieve his objectives. Therefore, we need no soothsayer to understand that our only strength, and by extension, ability to defeat such terror, lies in OUR UNITY. All this bickering should give way to sober thinking, unity and thus a strong resolve to kick out this government. Let us rally behind the Opposition party with the largest appeal, to vote out the Jammeh regime. The collective will of the people cannot be defeated by any mortal force. To ensure the new government acts in the collective interest of the people, a legally enforceable document, agreed to and signed by all the Opposition parties on the ground, detailing the priorities of the new government, should be created as a basis for the coalition. I do not see any other way out of this mess.



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