By Kemo Kinteh

The filling of the remaining cabinet posts is a step in the right direction and a welcome move. The ball is “rolling” as in the president’s own words.

Of concern to me, however is the post of Vice President. The dispatch did clarify Madam Fatoumata  Tambajang’s selection as women’s minister. But overseeing the vice presidency is extremely risky. Take for example if the President were to die (God forbid) under any circumstances, the law presumably that prevents Madam Tambajang’s selection also mandates that the Vice President (at the time sworn in as such), to assume the presidency. If the vice-presidency is not occupied at the time, for whatever reason, the Speaker of the National Assembly is in line to the throne. In effect till April 2017, the current APRC Speaker is lawfully entitled to the presidency. This is scary!

My advice is that a person from the coalition, preferably a woman, assume the presidency post until at the time the age barrier is settled once and for all. Otherwise we COULD find ourselves – yet again – in an avoidable catastrophic situation. There are enough well suited personalities within the coalition, women for that matter, who can wonderfully carry out the functions of the vice presidency.



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