Burama Sanneh: Let’s pause and ask ourselves!

My fight for the Gambia is purely and solely for the good of the country and her people. In doing so, I have a yardstick that I use to measure my gains, constraints as well as where I go wrong. This is why my first goal is to end dictatorship, bring back democracy and then hold back to see if I am contributing to the life of the people or I am now confusing the minds of the people I fought dictatorship for and brought back democracy. These and so many other important aspects of the New Gambia need thoughtful and careful approach. I have seen and known comrades whom I thought have the same feelings and ideologies for my beautiful Gambia, only to realise that these are nothing but sheep in wolf’s clothing. My candid opinion to those long pretentious freedom fighters is to retreat to their bases and recalibrate about the consequences of their current style of activism. Please ask your yourself whether you are helping or shattering the very government you bragged to have sprung to power? The kind of confusion you are creating within the minds of the people you promised the change will bring to them in comparison to what they see daily only because you choose not to be part of those who sacrificed to give their best while you sit back and criticise. I will only add one more thing, no amount of criticisms and self claim importance will yield you any result in your desire to distract the leadership nor change the tie in your favour come hundred more years. The worthy citizens of the Gambia have decided that and even our bipolar population acknowledge this fact. Your only choice left is to join the boat before the sea waves sink you.

Burama Sanneh



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