ballot boxesGambians have never voted in Senegal or Guinea Bissau. Why are these nationals voting in our presidential elections?

Never in the history of Senegal have Gambians voted in Senegalese elections. Since 2001 Southern Senegalese nationals have been illegally registering and voting in our presidential elections. Gambians have always had high esteem for the people of Casamance but they have no regard for our country’s electoral independence. They interfere and openly participate in our election illegally. They don’t care that Yaya Jammeh is killing Gambians for no just cause. They don’t care that Yaya Jammeh arrest, torture and jail Gambians for no just cause. Little do they care that Gambians flee the country for fear of prosecutions. They don’t care to hear Jammeh insulting our parents, jailing our Imams and denying us our GOD given rights. They know very well what Yaya Jammeh is doing to Gambians is not good yet they help him stay in power by massively participating in our presidential elections and voting for him in all illegality. Should we call this criminal enterprise tribalism, regionalism or cultural genocide? Unlike their peaceful Jola brethren in the Gambia who are also persecuted by Jammeh, these Casamance “Johnny just come” foreigners brag openly and arrogantly in the streets of the Gambia, as if Jammeh will never leave office. These are mainly the runaways from their independence arm fight and political propaganda fight with the Senegalese government and army.

These foreign registered voters cannot be called otherwise but criminals in a foreign land for they know they are not Gambians yet because Yaya Jammeh is in power, they openly vote in our elections without fear of being seen by Gambians. Guineans and Mauritanians have been living with us for the longest time but they have never participated in our elections. Why would the people of Casamance cross the red line? What they don’t factor in their criminal enterprise is that Gambians know who they are and a day will come they will have to explain why they voted in our elections knowing that they are foreigners. A day will come; they will have to face justice. Many Gambians have relatives in Senegal but no Gambian has ever used this relationship to register and vote in Senegal. Never.

Allah will judge between us. Gambians have since time immemorial welcome them when they run away from the Senegalese army. Today they care less about our past hospitality and openly aid Yaya Jammeh to steal the elections at the detriments of Gambians.

If you scrutinize the voter registry, in 2006 we were 647000+ registered voters. Five years later in 2011 the registry jumped to 870000+ registered voters. This means that over 232000+ have been added into the register. No statistician can justify that Gambians have suddenly increase by 25% within five years. In fact young Gambians have been going through the back-way in drove over the years. Where do all these registered people come from? Of course majority of them are from Casamance.

Why is Yaya Jammeh scared of diaspora Gambians having the right to vote? He knows he has exile many thousands of us. This sudden rise in the voter registry within five years is a great cause for concern.

Yaya Jammeh is not alone in the criminal voter scam, he is aided by the APRC executive and militants that clandestinely register these foreigners, housed them and help them vote. These APRC criminals will also one day answer to their crimes against the Gambian people and the constitution for they are as guilty as Yaya Jammeh in this criminal electoral enterprise.

Yaya Jammeh knows without these foreigners he will never win the presidential election in the Gambia. Yaya Jammeh cannot and will never be a happy man because he knows very well that foreign voters keep him in power. This is the main reason why Yaya Jammeh hates Gambians specially the Muslims.

We will scrutinize the voter registry and expose the high number of foreign registered voters therein to the ECOWAS, the AU, the EU, the UN and International NGOs.Gambia is not Casamance.

Brace up Gambia; we cannot loose our country to Casamance foreigners illegally voting and maintaining Jammeh in power against our will.

Deyda Haidara



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