Gambian opposition leader wants to know why President Yahya Jammeh has been moving around with heavy weapons wherever he goes.

Despite repeatedly bragging about his military prowess, President Jammeh has been living in a state of paranoia since the day he ascended to power through force in 1994. His convoy moves with all the heavy weapons the country can afford without explanation, many a times leaving Gambians with fears and unanswered questions.

“Gambians deserve the right to know why President Jammeh keeps moving around with heavy weapons, tanks, rocket launchers and automatic rifles,” Lawyer Ousainou Darboe told a rally of United Democratic Party youths at Latrikunda Sabiji on Sunday. Mr. Darboe wants to know why President Jammeh has a penchant for being accompanied by heavy weapons while having meetings with ordinary Gambians. “Is Jammeh expecting an invasion from a foreign country?” Darboe asked. “I doubt if these heavy weapon carrying soldiers know how to operate these weapons.”

Mr. Darboe applauded his party’s energetic youths for helping to blow the wind of change sweeping in the country. He advised them to double up efforts because there cannot be any meaningful change in the absence of youths.

The UDP leader was economical in words. He is waiting for party’s mass rally in Bakau where he is expected to talk in detail about President Jammeh’s Islamic Republic declaration, Kombo South mining crisis and other pertinent issues.  



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