President Yahya Jammeh has once again made international headlines for wrong reasons. Mr. Jammeh’s refusal to allow the European Union election observers in the country has raised doubts as to whether the December 1st presidential contest will be free and fair. It also demonstrates the weakness of the Independent Electoral Commission and that its Chairman Alieu Momar Njie is only a figurehead bereft with decision making powers. In reality, the powers of election accreditation belong to the IEC Chairman. It is a typical Jammeh style to appoint officials and deny them the right to make decisions.

The Jammeh government has also followed its normal tradition of leaving the public in darkness, despite having a journalist as the Information and Communication Minister.  Most Gambians thought the appointment of Sheriff Bojang would have allowed free flow of information. What is the difference between Mr. Bojang and other stooges of Yahya Jammeh? They are all toothless dogs.

The Gambia government’s decision to remain silent has pushed Kairo News to dig deeper into the story in a bid to extract chaff from the wind. President Jammeh’s close associates have become the target of our investigation. Based on their account, Yahya Jammeh’s refusal was “built out of fears of losing the election. He has made the decision after receiving intelligence briefings that the EU had already recruited and trained local election monitors. These monitors have been told to record and report any slight irregularity on election day,” our source said.

Like dictators before him, Mr. Jammeh is blaming outsiders for his potential downfall. He sees the opposition coalition t-sumnani swinging across the Gambia but Yahya Jammeh is heaping blame on the EU for “striving hard to bring down my government.”

In the meantime, the abandoned dictator will soon wrap up his upcountry campaign tour, the goal being to make plans for a final strategy to hold on to power. His close aides say the President seems to have no option left on the table. “Jammeh thought of postponing the election but that will seal his leadership fast,” said a Jammeh aide.



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