Blood on your hands

Your hands are dirty with innocent blood!

What a cheap talk from Ms Fatou Tamba who thinks we can be simply outplayed with fake emotions. Does Ms Fatou just wake up one day and thought, she should simply buy us with her cheap and poor sentimental write-ups and we should buy into its insincerity without inspecting the elements of her striking fears first?

Ms Fatou Tamba have been very careful and meticulous throughout of her so call ‘open letter to Yaya Jammeh’ if I must direct you my fellows.

So, education and intelligence is not one of her problems and understanding real sense of reasoning at all cost is not the issue and cannot be therefore blamed for using tribalistic effects to ignore others calls on the injustice of free trades with barbarity codes for over 20 years by Yaya Jammeh because one cannot be asked to do her one homework and get to the bottom of things instead of continuously making faulty judgement on people as being overwhelmed by tribalism till this days and nothing. “At first, I and many like me thought other tribes hated your Presidency simply because they are not one of them”. Ms Tamba is very tribalist to the core and she is still is if you asked me fellows. Given a choice, she would not change one bit. She is only resorting to sorting out her free ticket along for her home people in case the doors get shut before they could escape as her striking fears of the party being over deepens by each day hence here comes the inevitable.

Mr Solo Sendeng’s awful detention and killing by the failed APRC leadership of Yaya Jammeh was pronounced four months ago. So why not condemned it there and then and go out and take on the streets in protest. “When I heard that a gentleman named Ebrima Solo Sandeng was tortured until he died, I cried like a baby” like all decent people did but only now that she realise the end game is within, but being the apparent reality and yet the unfailing truth about the end of Yaya Jammeh and his helpers of like Ms Fatou Tamba unfolds, and just around the corner from where we are with all the faith in Allah and the patients we took to be here?

Unless you Max wants to be Ms Fatou Tambas lawyer for what is in plain defrosting of her insincerity as I cannot see why Ms Tamba is not actually telling Gambians why she did participate or named in the demonstration or take to centre stage in any opposition rally taking place in the country of demanding for justice of the oppressed and in the openly like those Gambian women of real difference instead of hiding behind her so call letter?

Is it not too obvious that many people are still waiting but refusing to repent until their graves have been dag even though the Holly-scriptures have endlessly warn against such insincerity sine the beginning of time?

How does Ms Fatou Tamba and her kind expect to makeup for the damage they have already done to vulnerable Gambians and cost their victims of still being intimidated by what they have made possible?


Unbiased Prince



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