Jammeh's ministers clapping for him for winning another fake award!

Slaves are clapping for their slavemaster!

For more than two decades Gambians have been searching for answers about their country’s appointed ministers have turned into stooges who compete in praise singing President Yahya Jammeh. They surrender even their own gains to the President and take the whip for Jammeh’s mess. But this write up below has provided vital clues as to why the likes of Sheriff Bojang have been corrupted and intoxicated to the extent of publicly taking down his uncle in public hence the old adage: “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

If anyone wonders why appointed ministers compete in praise singing President Yahya Jammeh look no further than this fact: Immediately after appointing you, Jammeh will give you a big bunch of money, you have probably not earned in your life. Obviously the first reaction of the recipient is, waaw! President Jammeh is a very generous man. Give the little fool few days to discover the complete opposite nasty character of the benefactor whiles being fired if lucky, taken to NIA for rituals or to Mile 2 for a full disgrace episode.

So it is obvious, it’s all about money and Jammeh knows why they will still cry to be recycled again and again to come back to cabinet or government after a disgraceful exit.
Now those that are smart amongst the praise singers will not insult the opposition for fear of tomorrow. But the stupid ones will tow the red line and mortgage their future in post-Jammeh life.

Jammeh enjoys the drama of “money cum NIA=> miles2 game” whiles the sycophants compete in praise singing and insulting Jammeh’s enemies. The more you are fired, the more you praise sing pants down.

Deyda Hydara



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