By Deyda Haidara

A response to a pro-dictatorship in Gambia.

If the opposition is voted into office in 2016, they will bring amongst others reforms the following:

1- The constitution will be revised to accommodate two term presidential term limits.

2- The president will not engage in private business.

3- Investigations must be carried out before carrying arrest and arrest warrants issued by a Judge or Magistrate. The 72 hours legal detention will be respected to the letter. The police and not the NIA will do the arrest. The NIA will only deal with security and intelligence matters.

4- The prisons will be decongested and renovated to make it a correctional center. Good food and medical treatment will be readily available to inmates. Torture will be reprimanded and punish.

5- Witch hunting after change of government will not take place; the courts will deal with all grievances. The human rights of people will be respected to the fullest without fear or favor.

On the public finance sector reforms:

1- The president MUST not interfere in the economy and finances by issuing disruptive executive directives as done by Jammeh. The laws of supply and demand will be the rule for economic growth and financial and fiscal discipline.

2- The president will not interfere in the civil service administration. He will only concentrate on official appointments within his prerogative according to law.

3- The president will not interfere in the appointments and promotions within the army and other security institutions. He will only take recommendations from officers based on proven merits. The civil service including the security services will not participate in political affairs.

4- All political parties will vote for the appointment of the Chairman of the IEC. Any political party without hindrance will conduct political meetings freely throughout the country.

5- The media will be decriminalized and private TV channels given to investors.

6- Civil society organizations will perform their roles without fear of being arrested.

These are just few of the reforms in addition to taking back the Gambia in the community of nations and international organizations Jammeh withdrew from.

Our relationship with our immediate neighbor will be enhanced, reinforced and the Farafeni Bridge finally built. We will help them sincerely restore peace in Casamance.

We will make the private sector the engine of economic growth without hindrance from the Executive. Government will refrain from competing the private sector by issuing less treasury bills to help the private sector access local bank funds and loans. The commercial courts will be revived and enhanced to encourage speedy settlement of commercial disputes.

We will encourage equal representation of women within the cabinet and the legislative.
In effect the above points are the rectificatif measures. At the same time government will work on encouraging diaspora Gambians to come back and invest, work, innovate and revive the economy.

Truly Malang we have lofty love of country devoid of personal vendetta and based on mending fences, encouraging peace and love and economic growth.



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