The audio recording clearly brought to light the reluctance of Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubacarr (Baa) Tambedou, from the onset, to try the NIA 9 and showcase the lack of progress with the case since the start. We can even go as far as concluding that the case is being undermined directly from the justice minister’s office. The words of Prosecutor Sheriff Tambedou that “left to my brother (Baa Tambedou) alone, the NIA 9 would not be prosecuted for the murder of SOLO SANDENG”, is a clear indication that the brothers are prepared to obstruct justice and undermine the clear case of murder before them.

If we agree that Sheriff Tambedou’s conduct and words tantamount to clear implication of the justice minister, then the minister is untenable. He must resign forthwith and allow a new start in the most important cabinet position in the new Gambia as we tackle the difficult, bloody past we overcome thanks to the tears and blood of our fallen heroes.

The derogatory remarks alluded to the case and murder of SOLO SANDENG in the recording is mind boggling and shocking, to call spade a spade. The United Democractic Party as the biggest party must not hide behind coalition or the notion of impartiality in this case. Sheriff Tambedou has committed an obstruction of justice and the impartiality of Baa Tambedou as justice minister is ruined. The case against the NIA 9 has been clearly hijacked and the justice minister must take the responsibility for it and take the required consequences.

Kemo Kinteh



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