jammeh and mballowA firebrand Gambian activist has asked people to identify the head of a dissident group and individuals secretly planning to meet President Yahya Jammeh in Washington D.C.

“We cannot stop people who are loyal to only their pockets; it has always happen and it is going to happen. There are people who are not patriotic to their country. They are not contented with what they have,” Saihou Mballow, an opposition activist of the Gambia Movement for Democracy and Development, told Kairo Radio.

Mballow was reacting to leaks that some groups have been holding secret talks with Secretary General Dr. Kalilu Bayo so they meet President Jammeh in camera. Kairo News is doing its best to get into the nitty-gritty of the story.

“Anyone who sees these people can identify them so we expose them. We need to know who is who. We don’t want to have wolf in sheep’s clothing within our midst,” Mr. Mballow said, expressing concern about the possibility of “unpatriotic citizens sharing information with Jammeh. They will be within us stealing inform about people and share them with the failed government of Jammeh.”

Mr. Mballow, an arch critic of the Jammeh regime, said he is not worried about betrayers of the struggle against dictatorship in the Gambia. “If they are meaningful, they will not dare meet Jammeh let alone behind closed doors.”

He cited the case of the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States, Sheikh Omar Faye. “Look at Ambassador Faye! He is a military coward who ran away from Jammeh, sought political asylum in Atlanta, only to go back and apologise to him. History is going to judge him for being an Ambassador of a failed government. Mr. Faye is a laughing stock.”

Mr. Mballow wants Gambians to learn from history of those who betray genuine struggles. He said those opposition members who defected to the ruling party have lost everything, including their credibility and respect. “That is what is going to happen to those in the diaspora who are telling us that they are tired and want positions from Jammeh. Yahya Jammeh is a desperate leader who has lost respect in every aspect of dignity in the world. His is a government without credibility and I wonder why anyone with integrity will join such a government,” he said.

Mballow says anyone who accepts Jammeh’s offer will be like Njogu Bah (jailed Secretary General) who reconciled with Jammeh, served in the cabinet before incurring Gambian leader’s wrath.




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