Black Cops Learn that White Lives Matter

Luntango Suun Gann Gi muses from London, UK

Two dumb trigger-happy police officers from Louisiana, Mississippi USA, made the mistakes of their lives when, having racially profiled a runaway driver of being a Negro, like themselves, they opened fire to “neutralise” the suspect.

Unfortunately for the officers, the miscreant driver and his son the passenger, both mowed down in a hail of the police officers’ bullets, were — white Caucasian!

The powder had hardly dried on the muzzles of the police officers’ guns when they were arrested and charged with murder! A superb and timely response from the Police Department saw to it that the black officers were banged-up straight away to spend their first night in the slammer!

Louisiana was spared the costs of an unduly long investigation into how the shooting happened. Obama did not have to cry that “that boy could have been my son”. That greasy-haired “Reverend” did not have to fly in First Class on a private jet from New York. The Police Department did not wait to see whether both the miscreant driver and his six year old son may have been armed. No white Civil Rights leaders of the KKK kind needed to come to town. No Fergusson needed to burn, no Baltimore needed to burn, to let the Police Department know that White Lives Matter. No need for a Justice Department investigation. The Police Department itself knew that White Lives matter and they needed to act immediately. And they did.

The dumb and misguided black police officers, clearly brought up on a diet of Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop (“Black cop with a gun white-man’s worst nightmare” – blah, blah, blah) remain shell-shocked behind bars as they contemplate a life-time in jail. A life-time in jail virtually guaranteed because the prosecutors will ensure that a non-biased all-white jury is empanelled.

God Bless America.



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