Image may contain: 1 person, hat, sunglasses and close-upThat is the highest level of hypocrisy. Mr Sallah is speaking from both sides of his mouth. Not so long ago, at the very beginning of the Transition, he said it was unconstitutional to appoint Mrs Tambajang the VP but now he is calling for a Transitional Justice System to deal with open criminal issues as happened in Kanilai. What is criminal must not be defended by anyone Halifa. You must be consistent with your principles, because you have a sizable following who swallow whatever you uttered. You are a sociologist by training, a politician by choice but a Constitutional Guru by intent. You are not a trained legal mind by any means. Reading the constitution and trying to interpret it legally can be misleading for you and your readership. Please try and have a legal adviser to help you decipher and properly interpret the constitution before reading quotes to suit your purpose. Constitution this, constitution that, is not the priority of our nation at this juncture. We need to secure the hard fought and won battle against tyranny and misrule we were subjected to in the pass 22 years. Sadly, you subtly endorsed tyranny at the beginning. And we know the reasons for your actions and inactions then and now. We know that the Kanilai riots were, and still are serious security risks.

The fact that you gave credence to the baseless claim that ECOMIG forces are occupying the Gambia, as claimed by the supporters of Yaya Jammeh in Kanilai shows how little regard you have for the rule of law and the constitution that you proclaimed yourself the guardian angel of.

ECOMIG was created by ECOWAS which is the only subregional body mandated to do so and agreed to and signed by the constitutionally elected president of the Gambia. ECOMIG had since conducted itself professional everywhere else in the whole Gambia except Kanilai. Is that not telling enough to you Halifa. Who then do you think needs inward looking, ECOMIG, the rebellious people of Foni or yourself, Halifa Sallah. No part of Gambia is against the presence of ECOMIG except Foni and PDOIS by your utterance in your conference today. This is the highest level of political suicide that can be committed by any political party. It is only a political leader like you who will make such destructive comments in the Gambia today. You have nothing to loose because PDOIS will not be allowed to contest any political position without formidable challenge from other stronger parties. It is not surprising as you rejected similar pronouncements when Kanilai was declared a security threat by Minister Tambajang before and she is proven right by recent happenings in Kanilai, also you denied that Dictator Jammeh stole large amounts of money from the Central Bank of the Gambia before he and Honorable Mai Ahmad Fatty was vindicated when accounts were taken by Ministry of Finance. So are wrong again and misleading the public.

The whole press conference is full divisive innuendo and political posturing that serves you alone. One thing is clear Halifa is that you have shown your true color and intention. You are full of grudge and bad intentions towards the government and by implications Gambia at large.

You refused to participate in the governance process when called upon because you failed in your bid to be the presidential candidate, you rejected the position offered you and refused to extend the opportunity to other PDOIS members to serve as cabinet ministers. Why?

Despite all that, UP allowed you to contest the NA election without putting up any UP candidate against you hence ensuring your victory. This is how true patriots behave. You claimed to be a part of the Coalition Government but no that is false, you are the most vicious opponent of the Coalition Government and you must be treated as such henceforth.

Touray Saidy-Khan

Source: Facebook



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