In honour of the Eid-ul-Fitr feast, Gambian President last night hosted Muslim leaders at State House. Unlike his predecessor who never chose his words, President Adama Barrow’s respectful speech was loaded with parables. He recognised the crucial role religious leaders play especially with regard to shepherding their flock. President Barrow commended the clerics who were held hostage by ousted President Yahya Jammeh for upholding their faith by defending the truth during the political impasse. “You have demonstrated your high level of faith by telling the losing president to quit power. You have also paid a courtesy call on me. I really appreciated you for boosting my confidence during that critical time,” President Barrow said, assuring religious leaders of the government’s support although the coffers have been run dry by Yahya Jammeh and his minions. He appealed to clerics to help unite Gambians through their pulpits and other avenues. “The government can only do its part; one cannot be a driver, apprentice driver and conductor. We will strive to do our part but we expect you to help unify Muslims so that Eid can be celebrated on a single day. This government will not reprimand people for praying on different days.”



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