Lt. Col. Gano was Jammeh’s enabler who is looking for cheap popularity. This man has witnessed so many atrocities in his tenure in the military and he has never said a word while he dined with the dictator. The dictator has personally sponsored Gano to do his masters degree program in the United Kingdom. This is why he has indicated that Jammeh has impacted his life positively. The diaspora should be very careful of such camouflage security personnel whose main goal is to seek attention. When Mr. Gano was the Army Public Relations Officer at the Defense headquarters in Banjul, there were many stories of disappearances, tortures, murders and corruption that took place. He sat down face to face with Jammeh without telling those crimes to Jammeh; he refused to acknowledge they existed when asked by journalists.

I know Gambians are desperate to remove Jammeh from office but we must be careful of those key players in Jammeh regime’s oppression. These include those who refused to answer basic questions when they were in office. Instead of doing what they are paid for, such people are today turning the tide simply because their personal interest is at stake. How can they convince us that they care about our country and her people, after all, they left us in the dark?

Like many of his colleagues, Gano has missed a huge opportunity to make difference when he was close to President Jammeh. He was selfishly looking after his position while countless number of Gambian families battled endless pains and sorrow. Let the media stop giving the likes of Gano cheap popularity. We need to focus on those genuine Gambians who have recognized dictatorship in every step of the way and not those who join the queue for their selfish interest. If Mr. Gano wants to be taken seriously, he must first condemn Jammeh’s human rights abuses, corruption and mismanagement. He must also denounce his past activities for not telling the Gambian people the truth about what he knew as a senior military officer. In any civilized society, people like Mr. Gano who repeatedly lied are considered liars and disingenuous persons. We shouldn’t fall for his cheap call for Jammeh to step down because it will not make any impact. Such a publication has served the writer’s desired intention to attract unnecessary and undeserved attention toward him. Before the online media publishes this type of article, the author should first be asked about what he knows about the atrocities meted out on defenceless Gambians and the role – if any – he had played in sustaining oppression.

There is a pattern to deflate our attention on real issues. Unfortunately, this has become a Gambian problem and it seems we are not taking note of it. It has become a trend that every six months a new person will emerge with an attention seeking strategy. Ironically, these bunch of dishonest and selfish people refuse to write or say anything about the skeleton in their cupboard. Their refusal to answer questions on their filthy past makes their stories irrelevant and not worth reading.

Mr Gano is another Gambian who has now realised the power of democracy. That is one of the beauties of living in the west. In our country, we do not have many decent and honest men who speak truth when they are in difficult period or position. What Mr. Gano is doing is exactly what General Saul Badjie will do when he falls out with the dictator he (Saul) has entrenched in power. His family will play victim card, forgetting about their role in the demise or discomfort of innocent families. This game of self exoneration is the most dishonest part of Gambian character. Nobody will take personal responsibility, especially when things go wrong and victims’ families desperately searching for answers. Mr Gano has a case to answer, period. Gambian journalists should dig into Gano’s past as the PRO and senior military officer and confront him to shed light on what he knows and the role he had played in the oppression. It is disappointing that no online newspaper is telling us why we should listen to Gano or what is his undisclosed motive to write now after so many years of being mute.

There is no single line in Gano’s article that mentions Jammeh’s poor human rights credentials, corruption and mismanagement of national resources. The article instead showcases the Jammeh regime’s positive impact on Gambians, which distorts the reality. Mr Gano is no different from NRMG [National Resistance Movement of the Gambia] members who also seek similar attention while they cowardly ran away from Jammeh. He should be ashamed of himself for not making the difference when he had an opportunity to do so. I don’t expect him to give us their belaboured excuse of “obeying” a stupid order from their boss.

I invite Gano and his types to come to Kairo News and debate with me.




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