HalifaMr. Halifa Sallah, tell us about your meeting with General Joseph Bassen prior to going to Dakar. The Gambia is a very small country and everything is known next day.

Mr Sallah, you are not more educated than the rest of us to teach us anything NEW.

What we need in the Gambia today and now are:

1- Unconditional release of all detained politicians and party militants.

2- Call for a National Emergency Conference where ALL stakeholders i.e Political parties, NGOS’s Professional associations, the Bar, the Doctors and Accountants, Engineers, Journalists, Transport associations, Teachers associations, Students associations, Farmers associations, in other words ALL sectors of society must converge around an clear conference AGENDA and discuss the way forward for the Gambia. The International community must accompany this National Conference for an international stamp of approval. Many African countries have done the same “ALL Inclusive National Conference” when they reach cross-roads and why not the Gambia?

Jammeh and his government are out of ideas and have failed the country’s rules, the laws and the constitution. They thus behave as you rightly said with IMPUNITY which is unacceptable in a civilize nation.

The Dakar meeting must be seen as a prelude to the above proposed National Conference.

Mr Sallah this country cannot be handed to you on silver platter as promised by Yaya Jammeh.

This country does not belong to Jammeh. After Jammeh the people will decide who to entrust the Gambia thru a free and fair elections, devoid of foreigners casting votes in our national elections.

Mandinkas are NOT Gambia’s ENEMIES. It is Yaya Jammeh mis-rule that is the problem of the Gambia.

Deyda Haidara



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