Gambia’s Security Personnel:

To our Gambian brothers and sisters in the Security Forces.

We the Gambian people are aware that you are wearing that uniform because of the love you have for our country, your country, The Gambia. We also know that some of you have, on many occasions, carried out orders that were against your will and wishes. We also acknowledge that you may not have survived a refusal to execute these orders. We are also in the know of the fact that you have been divided like the rest of us.

However, all these and many more of your untold sufferings could come to an end, provided you want to set yourselves free from the servitude most Gambians have been subjected to by Yahya Jammeh. But just in case you ask yourselves how can this be done? You do not need to look far for motivation or inspiration. Just look at the Coalition and its composition. As a nation, we have been divided for far too long, politically, but we have put aside our differences because of the oneness and love we have for our country, your country, The Gambia. This is why we have been able to get this far. We have put our differences aside that’s why we have been able to achieve the unthinkable – dethroning Yahya Jammeh through the polls. We have put our differences aside because we realise that when we come together we can achieve the impossible. But more importantly, we have put our differences aside because most of us have agreed that we have one common adversary, Yahya Jammeh.

Now that your civilian compatriots have completed their side of the task, it is now your collective responsibility to consumate their efforts. And, fulfilling your side of the task would not necessarily require the undoable. All you need to do is to refuse orders from the incumbent if he fails to step down come once the clock ticks 00.01 on the 19th January 2017, for he will from that day, no longer be your Commander-in-Chief. If you are able to do this, he will no longer be able to rule us as he would neither have your consent nor that of the majority of the Gambians, for it was once said by Abraham Lincoln, “no man is good enough to govern other men without their consent.”  Therefore, be loyal to the Constitution of the Gambia and let the citizenry feel your protection once again. But if you fail to do this, and instead carry out his (rebel Commander Jammeh’s) orders, you will be classed as rebels just like him. And we do not want to see our brothers and sisters in that predicament. Do not die for him neither put the lives of your compatriots at risk. You must not be responsible for a single drop of blood for Yahya Jammeh.
Nevertheless, the choice is yours. You can either choose to be on the right side of the history or otherwise. Remember, come what may, there will be survivors who will narrate the story. You can choose to be remembered like Alieu Momar Njie, a man who Gambians are proud of or you can choose to be a loser and fight for a man whose loved ones have been moved to a safe location. As a fellow citizen and also a brother, I implore you choose the former.

Last but not the least, please leave a legacy that your children, our children can be proud of.

Kebba Nfally Darbo
The Custodian



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