Jammeh5By Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

It is often said that one does not require university degrees to become a politician. However, for one to be a seasoned politician, one must have some basic knowledge and understanding of international relations coupled with vast experience. A religious cleric or leader, unlike the politician, must excel in theology and command thorough understanding of his religion’s book. Moreover, politicians are like chameleon which changes colour to blend with its environment whereas a religious cleric propagates truth, justice and equality.  Therefore, it is not surprising that most God-fearing religious clerics shy away from politicking.  Just as water and oil do not blend, falsehood and truth do not also see eye to eye.

Gambia’s brutal dictator, Yahya Jammeh, claims to be not only a politician and a healer of all ailments but now a renowned religious cleric from the University of Imam Fatty. No wonder Jammeh is a liar, a hypocrite, a robber, a drunkard, a murderer, a paedophile and a rapist.  A criminal like you Mr. President cannot pass the test of a cleric. Who are you trying to fool anyway?  Both Islam and Christianity teach righteousness and vehemently condemn tyranny and injustice, especially towards the weak and needy. Most politicians lie to canvas votes and often do not deliver their promises after elections but majority of religious clerics enjoin people to be righteous and God-fearing at all times.  However, you order people to be killed, tortured and maimed, yet you want to play the role of a cleric.

You overthrew the democratically elected government of President Jawara by use of arms with an underlying motive of enriching yourself. Even though you claimed you took over power to end corruption and usher in accountability and transparency, what Gambians have today is a more corrupt and brutal regime than the one you usurped.  Dictators often hide behind religions to oppress their God-fearing citizens. Perhaps that is why you take cover behind Islam to entrench yourself. Did you not know the story of Pharaoh? May be you heard of Gadhafi. Please tell your highway Imam Fatty to take you on a walk on the history of the prophet and Sahabas [Companions] perhaps that will awaken humility and compassion in you. As a note of caution, please Mr President stay away from religious matters. Give to Caesar what is to Caesar and to Romans what is due them. However, meddling with religious matters will only tantamount to your quick destruction.

Don’t you have more pressing national issues to attend to that decreeing when Gambians should fast or pray? Oh, how can I forget you always missed your priorities? Let your highway imams take care of that for your. Mr President, you can prostitute our constitution with impunity and get away with it for a time but never attempt to flirt with Islam. Beside, everyone knows you are a fraud; you can fool your highway imams but you can neither fool God nor the majority of Gambians. Your members of Gambia Supreme Islamic Council are equally devils in Prada. As a result, they will continually lie and tag you with undeserving titles just to fatten their evil souls with your dirty money for hell fire.

I cannot help but wonder how they feel when they are alone praying to God. They need to draw moral lessons from Imam Baba Muktaar Leigh, Bakawsu Fofana and the late Karamo Touray. These gallant clerics only feared Allah (SWT) and stood against injustice. Whether you agree or not, days are numbered and the question becomes how you (Jammeh) will face Gambians after you have been dislodged from power. Remember Allah (SWT) is one. We will all be accountable by Him one day.



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