jammeh and darboeThe leader of United Democratic Party is outstanding for his gentlemanly character. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe is credited for being peaceful and law abiding at all times. Mr. Darboe will not fold his hands when his party is under attack.

He told a Tallinding rally last week that he has never promoted violence and instability.   “However, if you anyone attempts to bring violence against us, even if you have [Satan] as the head of your army, we will meet you in equal measure and we will not relent.”

Mr. Darboe said the betrayal and treachery being plotted in Kanilai would always fail. It is Ousainou Darboe’s conviction that the hatred and character assassination on the UDP by unscrupulous people will backfire. “The cancers in our society are the very people going around accusing the UDP of Tribalism. Where do President Jammeh and his cohorts make such accusations other than in Mandinka-dominated regions? This is a clear testimony that the APRC is the one promoting ethnic and bigoted politics in the country.”

Darboe’s tough remarks followed the cross carpeting of some prominent Jola women from APRC to UDP.  Jainaba Sanneh led a group that announced allegiance to the opposition.

Darboe said this development has demystified misinformation that the UDP is a tribal entity.  He said the new entrants have reinforced the party’s national character in a country where everyone belongs to one family.

Darboe proved his critics wrong that he cherishes, loves and accepts diversity in totality. His second wife is a Jola and that some conversations in his house are done in Jola.

Darboe said the revenue rates on ordinary families is a huge burden in Kanifing Municipal Council that is mismanaging all that resources on wasteful spendings. “When we pointed the lack of serious consideration for the welfare of people in KMC, Yankuba Colley and his boss want to attack us for making tribally based criticism. What is wrong with these people?” Darboe asked.

“If we want to talk about Tribalism, let Jammeh explain to people why does he discriminate even in the matter of state funeral. Sheriff SM Dibba, the First Vice President in the country died here and there was no state funeral? Nyimasata Sanneh-Bojang died here and there was no state funeral, whilst we saw some other people of lesser national standing, like former GTRS Director General Momodou Sanyang who was not only given state funeral, but was accompanied by GRTS cameras up to the burial ground. This is the height of Tribalism Yahya Jammeh, because you discriminate even against dead people.”

Mr. Darboe blamed the APRC government for legislating an electoral law that aims to demean participatory democracy. He said the government has always been in the business of stifling democracy and multi-partyism. Darboe asked which that aim to foster democracy will levy  D1 million to register a new party.

The UDP leader told supporters the days of chanting and clapping have not arrived. “It’s not time to chant and clap, it’s time for you to stand firm and defend your rights against the aggression by the APRC government and be prepared to confront injustice.”



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