A veteran Gambian broadcaster has had his life threatened by one Bakary Kujabi at Ebo Town in the Kanifing Municipality.

Alh. Sarjo Barrow, a radio broadcaster of 36 years, was on his way home when Mr. Kujabi  confronted him threatening to deal with him mercilessly.

Kujabi, a militant of the ousted Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party of Jammeh, had bones to pick with Mr. Barrow over his radio broadcasting. Barrow had been a local news presenter at the Gambia Radio and Television Services until last year when he switched over to Star FM, an independent radio station in Serekunda. Barrow’s daily Mandinka news broadcast has been gaining popularity throughout the country.

However, the likes of Bakary Kujabi see Sarjo as the man who is nailing the coffin on the APRC, an opposition party whose militants are bent on unleashing violence on their opponents.

“I have never known or seen this Bakary Kujabi who stopped me only to express dissatisfaction about my radio,” Mr. Barrow said in a circulated social media audio. “He uttered harsh words on and repeatedly insulted my mother saying I should be killed.”

Barrow did not take the threat lightly. He reported the matter at Serekunda police station but was referred to Ebo Town police branch. Two police officers escorted Sarjo to Bakary Kujabi’s residence. The man who had earlier bragged to neighbours that he wasn’t going anywhere was nowhere to be found. Neighbours reported seeing him sneaking through the back door shortly before the police arrived. The search to fish out Bakary Kujabi continues?

Mr. Barrow was earlier attacked verbally in an earlier circulated audio message. The anonymous attacker too had become upset with Sarjo’s news content. He too threatened to deal with Mr. Barrow, although he didn’t say how. Attack on journalists had become unbecoming in Yahya Jammeh’s Gambia where everything, including fire and gun, were used to tame journalists. The election of President Adama Barrow has guaranteed a free and safe atmosphere for journalists.



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