UTG3Anger-laden students of University of The Gambia do not want the deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Omar Jah, to fill the shoes of Professor Muhammadou Kah. Mr. Kah and his wife Jainaba Kah were last night fired as Vice Chanchellor and Director General of Management Development Institute, respectively. The development stemmed out of threats by university students to protest against a whole range of issues.

UTG2President Yahya’s naming of Dr. Omar Jah as Mr. Kah’s replacement still leaves room for grievances among students. The defiant students see Jah and Kah as birds of the same feather and are insisting for a clean leadership at the university, Kairo News has gathered.

Students converged on the Faculty of Law at MDI to hear from student leadership on their next move. They coined a new name for the Law School’s ground floor calling it “The Liberty Square.”



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