Speaker Abdoulie Bojang was fooled by Prof. Kah!

The Vice Chancellor of the University of the Gambia had fooled Members of Parliament, investigators proved.

“It has been revealed that the National Assembly Select Committee on Education paid a visit to the University of the Gambia following an elaborate report presented to the Assembly by Professor Muhammadu Kah. However to their dismay, what was presented to the Assembly and what prevails on the ground were far from matching,” investigators from the National Drug Enforcement Agency wrote in their 2011 report.

“It has been confirmed by the Gambia Public Procurement authority (GPPA) report on the University of the Gambia that the institution is not working in compliance with the GPPA rules of procurement, thus seriously flouting the said rules and doing things the way the Vice Chancellor and his administration likes.”

The report also revealed that the Gambia College has no Principal and a Registrar, as Prof. Kah accredited himself as the “overseer” and receiving the necessary allowance of D13,000 to that end, even though he visits the College once in a while,

Under the Vice Chancellorship of Prof. Kah, NDEA officers wrote, the trend that the University is taking apparently suggests that it is moving from the traditional British system to the American system which is alien to the Gambian Education System and basically, his style of administration has relegated the progress of the university, and the atmosphere at the UTG now is that everyone is aggrieved.



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