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As Gambian dissidents encamped at the hotel lobby of His Excellency, President Yahya Jammeh, turning it to a semi-battle field, Kenyan President with a broad smile, declared he is happy to be meeting Kenyans in the United States. President Kenyatta will engage in a constructive dialogue with fellow Kenyans across the political divide, thereby emphasising the significance of Kenyan diaspora block residents.

The Leader of the Gambia though, can learn a thing or two from this important step by Uhuru. Dida Halake spent his early years in Kenya, borrowing the accent and culture with ease. Yahya Jammeh seems not want to avoid the United States, yet he is never a welcome guest by his own country people.

Jammeh seems oblivious to the chorus of abuses and chants he gets at the hands of Gambians. His Morrocan wife Zainab yet again snaps at the embarrassment the husband’s manner of leadership is causing the family and entourage. No other African head of state is receiving such stiff protest, hence, Yahya Jammeh should resign, call for national reconciliation and beg for forgiveness, with an interim government releasing all political prisoners, compensating every single one of the Jammeh victims.




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