Lawyer Ousainou Darboe:  UDP means business!

The United Democratic Party has been conducting ‘intensive engagement’ with the wider Gambian public over the past months. The Party have lined up a series of rallies in towns and villages, re-energising the spirit of dialogue and political militancy within the oppressed Gambian masses.

The successes from the nationwide tour, the regional tour of LRR, Kombo and the rally in Serrekunda propel the party to conduct further outreach meetings in major settlements in Kombo.

The party embarked on four major rallies in Brufut, Gunjur, Lamin and Sukuta in the month of September. These four rallies demonstrated the hunger within the Gambian public to hear the burning issues and exchange common viewpoints on the reoccurring hardship suffocating everyone. The rallies accorded the party the opportunity to deliver far-reaching messages of the need to end the tyranny and dictatorship once and for all in a peaceful and democratic manner.

The messages centred on voter apathy, unregistered masses, and registered masses who refuse to participate in the democratic process. The dialogue with the people energised the voters and the campaign now is to encourage Gambians not to be disenfranchised or ignore the constrained public space.

All the hardships and undemocratic dispensations is chiefly as a result of disenfranchised voters, both at home and aboard. Gambian people the UDP believe can take courageous stance and take their country back.

On the backdrop of those four rallies, the UDP has last weekend, the 18th of October held a rally in Kombo Kafuta, which was also a success. The villagers were very delighted and they appreciate the open public engagements. More villages are requesting the UDP visit them and conduct meetings there. The desire to bring back the spirit of unrestricted multi-party democracy is gaining momentum. The party will continue to engage the people, listen to them and share common ideas of moving the country forward, freeing it from bondage and dictatorship.

The UDP will hold further  rallies in the following venues:

Mandinaring (Sunday the 25th of October)

Busumbala (Sunday the 01 of November)

Tanje (Sunday the 08 of November)


We urge our militants and Gambians at large to spread the word. As a party, we believe in taking the message to the Gambian people regularly and directly since the vast majority of Gambians have no access to accurate news or modern technology to benefit from internet base online communications.

The UDP will continue to work in tangent with other opposition parties, the civil society, women groups, youth movements, human rights organisations, the international diplomatic corps, the Ecowas, AU to effect lasting solution to the stalled democratisation process which fell on the Gambia since July 1994. Together we can do it.

United Democratic Party

Youth Secretary

Ebrima Solo Sandeng

Press Statement



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