UDP Entry To KMC Showed unprecedented demonstration of support after the party’s acclaimed Basse Congress. The amount of people that poured out on the street led to some militant supporters and diaspora groups calling for the welcoming to be converted into mass civil protest. Lawyer Darboe and his new Executive which comprises of many women and youths galvanised the countrywide support of the UDP. People can be heard openly calling for Jammeh to be brought down.

Among the entourage entering Serrekunda were all their regional delegates from all corners of the Gambia. Some of the delegates firmly believe, the country is ready for regime change and that, further outreach rallies and joint opposition action can be a catalyst to bring change once and for all. UDP supporters and militants walked on the main high from Tabokoto to Westfield, from Westfield to Bakau on foot, taking the Convoy over 3hours to get to their final destination in Pipeline. The enthusiasm and energy injected in Gambian body politics will make the coming months a fascinating spectacle for observers. One opposition supporter who shot the video made it simple, he said “it is like we are alive again”.

A freelance journalist who attended the Basse Congress lamented to Kairo New that “I have attended many political party congress in the Gambia, but I have never seen anything of the magnitude of the UDP Basse 1-3rd of April Congress. It was well organised, youths groups empowered to play their part, regional groups presented their ideas and agendas, the amount of teamwork and preparations was something UDP should continue to do. And the journey back to Serrekunda was something that galvanised the villages on the Trans-Gambia highway. At each village on the road, the convoy is stopped with jubilations and elation. It was as if it is an election victory celebrations. I also admired Adama Barrow UDP  Deputy Treasurer for reading the party’s financial statement and indicating the donors in the Gambia and diaspora. That was something I felt is a huge progress in Gambian politics. The voting process was also in an open manner with delegates chatting to each other and actively involve that gave me renewed hope for the Gambia.” Buba Ceesay



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