darboe-200x300_20141210074305947The Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has shunned any forceful takeover of government. The party does not believe in using the gun and the bullet to dislodge the Jammeh government from power.

This is a direct response to fatal armed attack on State in Banjul by some Gambia dissidents last year.

“The United Democratic Party believes that the gun and the bullet are not the acceptable substitute for the ballot and the ballot token,” the party wrote in a statement.  

The 30th December 2014 incident however described runs contrary to our constitutional arrangement for changing government. Gambians of all political persuasion should repose their confidence in the ballot box as a means of effecting a regime change. Let us all embrace the electoral process.”

The party wants the country’s electoral process to become “attractive” so it can “encourage and allow free participation by all in the political life of the country within the limits permitted by the 1997 Constitution and other laws. For this, a comprehensive electoral reform that ensures free fair election and credible elections and the right of the citizens to freely express their views on matters affecting them are among key issues that need to be addressed.”



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