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UDP supporters and militants at a rally in Tanje

The United Democratic Party says gone are the days of what it calls “Center Table Politics.” This type of politics allows politicians to spend invaluable time on the table instead of meeting the electorate in their villages and towns – the only way to feel their plight and exchange ideas with them.

This message becomes the center piece of the party’s narative in Tanje village in Kombo North on Sunday where a mass rally takes place. It is a continuation of the party’s politics of engagement ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

The party’s officials have been warmly welcomed by the coastal villagers. They too express their hunger for a regime change through the ballot. Columns of vehicles transport the UDP militants from the surrounding towns and villages to Tanje. Once again, youths from the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction in Brufut have defected to the opposition UDP. The youths, who in the past mortgage their future to the ruling party, have no choice other than switching allegiance.

An influential opposition kingpin from Brufut, Baba Galleh Jallow, coordinated the defections. Like majority of Gambians, the defectors too are filled with disappointment.

There has been power outage in Tanje soon after the rally kicks off. Perhaps, this is meant to dampen the spirits of determined opposition militants. But that is never the case, as the rally goes ahead uninterrupted, with the UDP putting its generator into motion. In fact, exuberant supporters start dancing and yapping, saying “this is why Jammeh must go; The Gambia deserves better.”

Mrs. Ajie Yam Secka was addressing the Tanje rally at the time of going to press. She urges President Jammeh to resign for failing the trust and confidence bestowed on him. Mrs. Secka nails the Gambian leader for his style of leadership that breeds fertile grounds for gross violations of human rights. She doubts the attainment of the government’s much-touted Vision 2016, which guarantees food self-sufficiency in The Gambia. “This is worthless to the Gambian people,” Ajie Yam Secka adds.



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