amadou sannehBy Sam Phatey

It has been 5 months since Mr. Amadou Sanneh, UDP Treasurer has been sentenced in December to 5 years in prison after being indicted in October 2013 by the Government of the Gambia, who had a mercenary judge, Justice Emmanuel Nkea to carry out the mission to put Mr. Sanneh in Mile 2 Central Prison.

I come out today, to show my support and solidarity to Mr. Sanneh and to his family and to tell them that they are not forgotten by the people of the Gambia especially the young people. We cherish and value Mr. Amadou Sanneh’s selfless, immense and tireless efforts and fight for a truly free and liberated Gambia.

On this backdrop, I stand with others to condemn the lack of open action by the UDP leadership to take not only defiant but the needed actions and approach to assert the needed pressure on the Gambia Government and for the authorities in Banjul to know that they (the UDP) mean business to secure the release of Amadou Sanneh and his co-defendants.

I implore the UDP leadership to use its resources and galvanize a collective effort that will not only secure the release of Amadou Sanneh and Co but set an example that will be used as a clear map or blueprint to untie the Gambia from the ropes and bondage of “sembocracy,” dictatorship, injustice and economic mishaps to the sunshine of freedom, justice and liberty for all.

The Gambia, just like North Korea is an open prison and every citizen deserves refugee and protection in any country they find themself in but it does not mean that opposition leaders in the Gambia should sit back instead of engaging the government in all ways possible even if it means they will end up in prison.

The Gambian opposition, especially the UDP, as the largest opposition party, in this case, should be ready to set a precedent and defy odds especially on issues that are justified. The UDP leadership must know that the task of leadership is not a smooth road but one which requires a leader to sacrifice his or her all for his or her people and be ready to die for their freedom and liberty.

If the UDP leadership is not ready to fight for Amadou Sanneh’s release openly, then I wonder if they will show solidarity by becoming his cellmate to condition the Jammeh administration to either release Sanneh and Co or imprison the whole party leadership. The UDP leadership must be ready to sacrifice the life they have planned so that all its party supporters will have the life they are waiting for, which includes Amadou Sanneh’s children and family, who will love to sit in their living and family room with their father, husband, brother, cousin and uncle.

True heroism is remarkably sober, very arduous. It is not the courage to surpass others at whatever cost, but the courage to serve others at whatever the cost.

Thank you and God Bless Amadou Sanneh, Malang Fatty, Sambou Fatty, and the Gambia – our homeland!



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