Jammeh 1After months of speculations over the deteriorating health of Gambian president, Kairo News has caught up with a State House insider who claims to have a vast knowledge of the subject.

“Yes, it’s true that President Yahya Jammeh has been battling sickness for so long,” our trusted source said. “It has been draining his physical look and health.”

The insider denied the widely held belief that Gambian leader was diagnosed with cancer. “The online media gets it wrong that Oga has cancer. All I know is that President Jammeh was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This could have been under control if Oga followed his doctor’s advice. His doctor wants him to stay away from eating too much starchy foods. You know he loves to eat; he is fond of eating plenty of rice and meat in the middle of the night,” he said, blaming the President’s deteriorating health situation on “food indiscipline.”

Our source added the President is now very worried about his dwindling state of health. “He is not completely down as some people might believe but you can see the sickness written all over his body. At some point the sickness possessed him that he was kept away from the public.”

President Jammeh is reportedly following his doctor’s advice. “He now has the choice to choose between life and death,” our source said.


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