By Gambiano

It has to be written in very simple English that we need intelligent ideas right now to tackle Yahya Jammeh–the brute without a future who wants many Gambians to perish with him. We need ECOWAS troops as best as possible. We are also worried about collateral damage any military engagement will engender. Here are my few ideas of what to do from now till January 18th 2017. There are numerous Gambians with better ideas to add to these, I’m sure. Patriotic soldiers will help us a lot by refusing to fight for Jammeh even before the ECOWAS troops arrive.

  1. From today, let any GNA soldier who really loves his country and family run to the American embassy in Pipeline and stay in their premises. Let him/her inform the embassy that he will suffer reprisals if he openly declares his support for the Gambian people’s ballot decision.

  2. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden both sought refuge in foreign embassies. Every foreign embassy is considered foreign soil belonging to that particular embassy. That’s why the U.S couldn’t touch both Assange and Snowden. But they forced the plane of Bolivian President to an emergency landing or risk being fired at when they thought he had Snowden on the plane. This shows foreign embassies are guarded by international law.

  3. Every GNA soldier has friends or mates in the army. Please run to the embassy and call as many officers as possible to do the same. Please don’t discuss this without being inside the embassy premises first! From your first day at the embassy, families can take your meals to their so that you don’t burden the embassy with expenses. Insha Allaah, we can pay for your meals at the embassy from now till January 18th. In fact, many Gambians will love to help with the expenses.

  4. Any soldier fighting for Jammeh is due for trial (if you live) when the new government is ushered in. Do you, O soldiers, want to be brought to trial after Jammeh is captured? Please act before it’s too late. I’m not asking you to arrest Jammeh. The world waited for that too long. I’m simply asking you, in simple language, to seek a safe sanctuary to declare your hearts’ content. Many of you are extremely displeased with Jammeh, but too afraid to express it. Well, here’s a very peaceful way to do it before January 18th. Please gather at the U.S embassy as soon as you can!

  5. Jammeh’s partners in crime, such as Amadou Samba disserted him and ran away. It’s reported Muhammad Bazzi did the same. You soldiers didn’t benefit enough from Jammeh to risk your future for him when the ECOWAS troops arrive. And you don’t have foreign visas like Bazzi and Samba. But you can run to the nearest foreign embassy. I recommend the U.S embassy because Jammeh won’t fire at them.


  1. I know you know how erratic, vindictive, and brutal Jammeh is and how no one can express a word against him in The Gambia. I know it’s not perfunctory of you to take him out.  But please, you can allow any GNA soldier to seek refuge in your domain. That’s something in conformity with international law.
  2. If one, two, three, four, five and more and more soldiers dessert and seek refuge at your premises, this will seriously weaken Jammeh. And possibly, the ECOWAS forces won’t even have to fire a shot.
  3. Please, Gambians aren’t asking for money. They’re asking for freedom from someone you all know. Someone who’ll sacrifice human blood to stay in power. A strange history is unfolding in The Gambia. And we can all impact it positively by doing the little we can.



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