Thousands of Muslims from across The Gambia and beyond are Saturday 2nd March, 2019 expected to pack in the community of Salikenni in Central Baddibou, North Bank Region to observe its annual Gaamo.

It will be held under the auspices of venerable Sheikh Alhaji Omar Ceesay – renowned scholar. Themed:”Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century: Conspiracies,Chaos, Challenges, Disunity and Way forward.” In his explanation, he said since two thirds of the world population are Muslims; it is relevant that scholars inform Muslims the true perspective of Islam in the world of misinformation and disinformation.”Islam is not only a religion, but also a culture, tradition and civilisation,” he told this medium.

The Gaamo attracts thousands of Muslims who usually gather at his compound and also at the central Mosque praying and also seeking blessings from The Sheikh. Sheikh Alhaji Omar is a Mauritania-Saudi trained Islamic scholar. He graduated from the University of Riyad in Saudi Arabia in 1978 and has since then dedicated his life to the teaching and propagation of Islam in The Gambia and beyond.

Saikou Ceesay


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