banjul-ports-warehouseThere has been thorough screening of containers at the Gambia Ports Authority in Banjul, a new development prompted by the December 30t failed coup attempt.

“The Gambia government is still reeling with shock,” our source said. “President Jammeh is upset about why container containing arms and ammunition was cleared at the Banjul seaport undetected.”

Our source ruled out detection of illegal weapons or goods into the country because “scanners at GPA have not been operational since 2010.”

Businesspeople who spoke to Kairo News blamed the government for charging them for a service they have not benefited. “We have been paying D2, 500 per container for scanning only to know last minute that the scanners were down long since,” said a businessman.

The new procedure allows security personnel to screen the entire container. “They order containers to be completely emptied so they do the screening, which is so disturbing, painful and costly. This means paying labourers to unload and load your container at the ports. You also pay them to re-empty them at your final destination,” one businessman complained.

Another businessman said “I am spacing all my containers for now. I have already alerted my customers that I cannot guarantee the safety of their goods. How can guarantee safety of their goods during emptying and loading in Banjul? I told them that I cannot shoulder the blame if their goods disappear or break. The risks are just took high for any businessman.”


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