By Janko Camara

In response to the statement: “…You cannot compare PDOIS to the PPP…”

Everyone has a right to support the party of their choice. However, it is important that in doing so, we do not attempt to re-write history by altering the facts. The above-quoted assertion is not based on any historical facts. First, the name Protectorate People’s Party came into being due to the electoral discrimination that had existed at the time. People from the “Protectorate”, even though formed the majority, were disenfranchised by the existing electoral system. They were not taking part in the process even though decisions taken by the elected were binding on them and therefore, affected them in many ways.

It was this fact that led a number of people, with provincial origin, to clamour for the inclusion of the disenfranchised majority rural population. The name Protectorate People’s Party was envisioned on inclusion of the excluded. The name sought to enfranchise all those rural dwellers, irrespective of tribe, who were Gambian, yet disenfranchised by the system in place. Therefore, to insinuate that the Protectorate People’s Party had a tribal coloration, in my view, is unfounded and cannot be substantiated by any historical facts.

One of the strongest pillars of the PPP in Banjul was I.B.A. Kelepha (some spell it Kelefa) Samba of blessed memory. I am not aware he has Mandinka origins. Momodou Musa Njie, of provincial origin (Bansang), who became a father-in-law to the former president, is not Mandinka. So let us focus on things that will bring us together rather than divide us.

Therefore, the remarks below is misleading and inaccurate.

“You cannot compare PDOIS to the PPP whose leaders had initially named their party PROTECTORATE PEOPLE’S PARTY” meaning party for the people in the provinces or better still the Mandinkas who mainly inhabited the rural areas at the time as a stepping stone to win votes from them”.



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