By Bajaw

Fellows, I think the issue is as clear as midday in Gambia; Halifa could never be president after formation of PDOiS this is why Sedia was used as first leadership candidate to clear the ground to do the foundation laying for establishment; after the bandit junta’s illegitimate overthrow of the democratic government banning the PPP politicians, Delusional-Halifa pompously saw it as a blessing for him on silver-plata, that he would be the next president after the presumed Junta’s handover which never came to be; on referendum Halifa dictated the PDOiS stance to hastily campaign complacently for the 1997 toilet paper afprc constitution which was gravely distorted from the Handiwork of decent Gambians chaired by Dr Lenrie Peters of blessed memories, may God be pleased with him & us all; otherwise the rubbish constitution would’ve been rejected outright & sent back for rightful rectifications had Halifa’s real intentions were manifested & clearly understood by Gambians like has now been; by now the criminal junta realised & found a collusive opponent in Halifa & PDOiS; this explains why Halifa & PDOis are spared & enjoys controlled preferential treatments for the fact that they pose NO imminent threats whatsoever to the kanilai KILLER the Bandit with exception of the temporal arrest for the witch hunt protest demonstration which directly crossed path with Coward yaya jammeh’s fear to arose massive demonstrations against if not hurriedly arrested;….?

Why is it constitutionally acceptable for aprc & devilish enablers can demonstrate in yaya jammeh’s criminal favours & interests when necessary & never arrested or gunned down & killed but others CAN’T demonstrate on the same Constitutionally enshrined rights to ALL Gambians regardless of affiliations….??

Then after the referendum Halifa become baffled when faced with political realities, contrary to his expectations as to his presumed aura or self-pomposity that another unknown force emerged to be reckoned with in the person of lawyer Ousainou Darboe & UDP which seems to dash & banish any hopes for his expected ascension to the most cherish aspired throne; since then it is one manipulative manoeuvres after the other, resisting all decent calls of conscience for sanity to prevail, up to the collusive sabotage of the collective efforts wherever he isn’t at liberty to manipulate, in favours of the status quo continuity at all costs if not for his take entirely…

According to Sedia’s interview on a trip to Sweden, the “parliamentary election boycott” was unanimous by all collective opposition parties except NRP, for they “don’t want to be seen in participation of kangaroo elections to legitimise” the Criminal junta; whilst Hamat Bah sold his soul to the kanilai DEVIL with our blood money in arrangements to be participating in all kangaroo elections to legitimise & validate the murderous dictatorship; this refutes the claim blaming the boycott on UDP; it’s the same (memorandum of understanding) MoU that worked & Halifa can now claim to have ever won anything which was not for his political standing but entirely because of the tactical contests where UDP had to withdraw a candidate from the Sere Kunda East Constituency which gave Halifa the only victory ever….

It was purely by the selflessness of lawyer Lamin Kebba Mboge the judge who resisted all coercive manipulations & judiciously ruled in Foroyaa’s favour when the Criminal Junta attempted to ban them; since then Mboge has been pursued by the junta, implicitly soiled, stained & jailed for defiance; & from then on, nothing else was ever left to chance in courts & in pursuance of others where mercenary judges becomes the order & norm of the day…..

Constitutionally it’s the oppositions leaders’ responsibilities to stand up for the molested oppressed masses & confront any incumbent criminals for the liberation of the people; this is why both the diaspora & the locally resident on the ground including the trio (Jallow, Fofana & Keita) being molested in court all calling upon, & demanding the opposition leaders to assumed their mandated responsibilities just like in their MoU cited earlier which can always bear fruit & liberate us all without more lives being perished; but currently we have all the other oppositions selfishly silent, to some extent tribalising issue at times, because of their perceived hatred of UDP for what the party have tirelessly worked for, & rightfully earned in their political standing throughout the country; the same reason explained why Halifa isn’t much interested in diaspora’s election rights, assuming there isn’t much for his political interest due to the diaspora’s awareness on issues at stake; him & disciples resorting calling us all sorts of names & dismissing us as insignificant internet sharks, cyber warriors & war mongers, etc jut to detract stifle & sabotage any collective efforts which aren’t in PDOiS & Halifa’s Favours; if Halifa can demonstrate for the witch hunt saga truly based on genuine liberation & not for political manoeuvres only, why not for the blatant repressions, despicable rape of women & pungent murder of the innocents? but instead someone like Halifa can manipulatively distort explanations in the legal Constitutional truthful stipulations of the sovereign powers of the masses into his so-called powers of state & the people cavorting political favours; are the people not the masters & employers of the state & the criminal parading as the head of state & the mercenary elements….???

Halifa’s maltreatment of the aggrieved Foroyaa employees sometime back, the silencing of PDOiS independently minded alternative voices like Modou Njie & Malick Kah who never hesitated to express genuine views contrary to the supreme-leader’s blind-following indoctrination, & refusals to all other decent collective callings for sanity & genuine inclinations for our collective predicatments can give us all a type of selfish leader he is; it’s time we divert our collective invaluable attentions to the real issues & stakes at hand to see our liberation struggle through; meanwhile we all must stand steadfast collectively behind UDP who are our true liberators…..

Long live the Gambia….


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