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A poem on Abdoulie Fatty written back  in 2009

By Suntou Touray

My heart weeps

Human complications
Your words send me meditating
Pondering and wondering- the sins and errors
Yours words piercingly accurate
That was then
Your fingers are too deep
The truth insertions bow
The LORD’S speaker stammering over real issues bow
I suffer and many suffer too bow, may be you not
All other facts. All other truths
You ignore some bow
Twitching and wavering
Real crimes, humiliating crimes. Sadistic moments
Demented orders bow
What has happen bow?
Some say you emanate from similar background
That you helped in the making of the monster
That you and him made each other
Some even say, the windfall and bonanza greased your lips and hands
This may be wrong or it may be true
Whatever the case is bow, Open your eyes and see
If you wish to parade and defend the joy-rider
You will be taken with him on his demise,
Watch closely bow, the streets are swelling with the tears of innocence
The pillars will one day crumble
Remember, you came to us with the lord as your word
We accepted you, trusted you and confided in you
Now this!
Sadly, Holy Bow, you have fallen, I hope you will dust yourself, take a good look in the mirror, get away a bit and reflect on true teachings of Allah and change for the better. 
A poem I wrote back in 2009 at Imam Fatty’s ever closer relationship with Jammeh.


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