The war between Futa and Kabou

History lecturer, Ensa Touray yet again brings us the interesting episode of the Futa Almamate, their rise and fall and violent war with the Soninke Kabunkas. Ensa interviewed people from both historical sides, and the final product in enriching and appetizing making us long for more such programs.

Although GRTS allocate 3omins per episode, the program has many missing details which could have been captured in a 1 hour program. I will recommend that a detailed narrative is accorded to the life of Alpha Yahya Jallow, his mother Kumanjo Sanneh, daughter of Kabou Emperor Mama Jankey Wally Sanneh.

The contentious final narrative of who win and who lost was also simplistic, all due to the constraint time allocation and probably budget and cost of production. In reality, a significant historical narrative like this should be much more detailed, more interviews, and wider analysis. Ensa Touray did well under the constrain time and budget for the program. We need to take our history seriously and allocate adequate funds to film balanced, fair and accurate accounts of events of our past. There are many factors that led to fall of 300 years Kabou empire. It is simply not just religious war, it is more resources competition and control of trading routes with long-standing antagonist relationships. Religion is an overstated excuse. Thank you Ensa for a lively program yet again.



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