jammehBy Foday Jawla

Enablers of Jammeh are in various kinds. We have active enablers who are either directly or indirectly working for Jammeh. They are benefiting from him directly. We see him with them and they would do everything for him. They are not our problem because we know them. We also know how to deal with them.

Passive enablers are however the most dangerous ones. They are openly opposing Jammeh but citing out sentiments to make people passive. This could be either tribal or partisan remarks.

With passive enablers either knowing or unknowingly, many people are acting dormantly by taking the backseat or neutral position.

Passive Enablers almost succeedingly neutralise the revolution by consistently calling it Mandinka or UDP revolution.

This tribal or partisan labelling of the revolution brings even more confusion in the struggle because you could be UDP but may not be a Mandinka or Mandinka but not UDP.

A successful revolution requires a full scope combination of all forces by throwing away all the divisions that could undermine the success of the revolution. Our national interest must be jealously guarded.

This is no UDP or Mandinka thing. This is Gambian matter. Let’s shun and condemn all those who want to bring such sentiments and divisions within the struggle. This is Gambian matter. Gambian life matters.




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