Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah

Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah, Wife of PDOIS Leader Halifa Sallah/ERNWACA photo

Dear Readers

Having reviewed the information I received in relation to Madam Ida Jalllow-Sallah’s out of the odds high flying career at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in The Gambia and having sought clarification from one of my sources on some aspects of that information, I wish to clarify that contrary to my previous statement that Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah was a permanent secretary at the Ministry, It is in fact, her appointment as Executive Secretary to ERNWACA that was inadvertently confused or misconstrued to be that of permanent secretary at the Ministry.

I apologised unreservedly for this error which was due to miscommunication. My source, who has now left the ministry,  however made it absolutely clear that it was only a matter of time before Madam Sallah was appointed Permanent Secretary if she hadn’t left the Ministry. This suggests that something was already in the pipeline and that Madam Sallah’s fast train at the MINISTRY was only halted by her appointment to the multi-lateral research body, ERNWACA.

Notwithstanding the above, the gist of my statement remains UNSHAKABLE and solidly rooted in facts that are already verified from authoritative sources and staffers (former and current) at the Ministry which is that; Madam Ida Jallow- Sallah, the wife of Halifa Sallah, was able to pursue a high flying career in one of Jammeh’s governmental ministries despite the well known prevailing culture of political persecution in Gambia’s civil/public service of people who are known or perceived to be opposition supporters or with family or close social ties with opposition figures in the country. This is none contentious as it is an incontrovertible fact well known to all.

Those who wish to claim that Madam Sallah only defied the odds because she is highly qualified are disingenuous in their failure to acknowledge that Dr Burro Suso whose case was in the media not long ago, is also a highly qualified person and that academic qualification does not make anybody less susceptible to the culture of political persecution at work place in The Gambia.

Furthermore, those who wish to engage in cheap point scoring and are hell-bent on attempting to create confusion or doubts over cases of political persecution at work place that I have cited as examples are only throwing insults to the sufferings and unjust ordeals of the victims of political persecution at work place in The Gambia as a whole. PDOIS need to advise those people to desist from such practice just like how they were asked to stop picking on my mandinka identity or throwing slurs at it.

An Outline of Madam Jallow’s Career at  MOBSE

Based of my information, I state Madam Sallah’s career at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education as thus;

1. As a Senior Education Officer, Madam Sallah was responsible for the monitoring and supervision for over a decade as an officer attached to Standards and Quality Assurance Directorate (SQAD) at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education.

2. As Principal Education Officer, (Landing Jallow Sonko’s wife lost a similar post at the same ministry), Mrs JALLOW-SALLAH served as a SQAD Regional Team Leader and then headed at the national level, the Monitoring and Supervision Section at SQAD.

3. Prior to her recruitment by ERNWACA, she was serving as the Coordinator of the French Programme responsible for mobilizing and managing material and human resources, producing learning materials, serving as a liaison between the Ministry and the French donors and providing the leadership that is necessary to make French a core subject in Gambian schools.

4. She also participated in policy review, drawing and evaluation of programmes, plans and curriculum at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MOBSE) and has a close relationship with the Honourable Minister Fatou Bai Lamin Faye.

I will ask the question again; given what obtains in Gambia under this present regime, who in his right mind would believe that the wife of an opposition leader in today’s Gambia can pursue such a high flying career in a governmental ministry without any conditions or strings attached?

PDOIS’ Mischaracterisation

ERNWACA is a multi- lateral institution involving  governments of West and Central Africa. Although appointments to such institutions are based on merit, it is normally a requirement that application to certain top positions are endorsed by the country of the applicant and this is a general practice in most multi-lateral institutions in the World over.

If the member country objects to an application of its citizen,  in most cases the application does not go further. This was what happened to Dr Sedat Jobe when he was considered for an appointment at the AU and the government of the Gambia (according to Dr Jobe himself on Freedom radio) objected.  Therefore, PDOIS’s Suwaibou Touray does not know what he ws talking about when he stated that Madam Sallah’s appointment to ERNWACA’s top post was based entirely on her personal merit. It is not possible for Madam Sallah to be successfully appointed to this post without the explicit or implied endorsement of the government of the Gambia. If the application was resisted by the Gambia government just like in the case of Dr Sedat JoBE with the AU, clearl,  Madam Sallah’s application would not have been successful. This is the truth.

Contrary to PDOIS, I did not say Madam Sallah was recommended to the post by the government neither did I (Until now) requested Madam Sallah’S CV. Those are just Suwaibou Touray’s usually exaggerations which readers must familiarise themselves with if they are continuing to follow PDOIS’s write-ups on issues of public interest or concern.

Let the CV come out with an explanation on how Madam Sallah  was able to defy the odds as far as political persecution at work place is concern.


Lafia Touray La Manju



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